scenography / photography / costume design / digital art / film / performance
Oldenburgische Staatstheater - 2022
Stage & Costume Design: Sam Beklik

AMSTERDAM – By Maya Arad YasurOne day a very high gas bill is at the door of a young Israeli violinist in Amsterdam. The demand from the gas works dates back to 1944 and has

Kosmos Theater Vienna / 2022
Stage & Costume Design: Sam Beklik

Knechte – By Caren JessSilence of the lambs meets closed society. Society commits crimes collectively, but only those at the bottom of the pecking order go to jail. Five me

Salzburger Barockmuseum / 2021
Photography And Exhibition-display Sam Beklik

Darkroom Physical appearance plays an important role in everyone’s life. While movies, media, commercials, and celebrities broadcast ideal shapes and standards of beauty, man

MuseumsQuartier Vienna / Q21 / 2019
Exhibition Display & Photography: Sam Beklik

DANCE OF URGENCY Every type of dance is based on an underlying symbolism. Dance can be a form of socialising, an art form or an expression of ritualistic practices. How do the Rave