Parliament Square

– By James Fritz (2017) / What would you give up to make the world a better place? Your friends? Your family? Or even your life? This question also confronts Kat, a mother and wife, as she boards the train in the morning and leaves her old life behind. Her destination: Parliament Square in London. Here, she intends to make a statement of protest that not only should change her life but also that of millions of others. Her plan is as simple as it is drastic: she wants to douse herself with gasoline in the middle of the square and set herself on fire. To burn herself and her message into the minds and hearts of people. But with what result? What can we accomplish as individuals, and when does the desire for change escalate into altruistic obsession? In James Fritz’s uncompromising social drama Parliament Square, it’s about nothing less than the future of our world and how each individual can make a difference. Becoming a blazing symbol for the just cause – is that the path we as humans should be willing to take, or are it many small acts of goodwill that ultimately promise change?

Direction: Ebru Tartıcı Borchers / Set Design: Sam Beklik / Video: Christian Borchers / Light: Tobias Wohlhart, Matthias Zangerle / Dramaturgy: Lara Fritz / Director’s Assistant: Simon Fuchs / Director’s Intern: Robert Mank

With: Lisa Mies / Antonia Labs / Anke Sevenich / Klaus Köhler / Luise Ehl / Vincent Doddema