The past and the present come together to deconstruct me – they all gaze into my eyes. I felt the main part of life was highlighted from afar, a monotone viewpoint; the sea tried to reform me, telling me to be calmer, smile more, and ask less. Sinking in its depths…But what can you do if I block out my vision and silence my hearing? I attempted to swim submerged beneath the waves. A thin path cloaked in crimson light – where am I now? The blood. So I drank my wine and it no longer weighed me down; rising up instead. Aurora. My wound blossomed into a grin; I was the conjurer. And so if you’re left perplexed by who I truly am – #doyoureallyseeme?

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Salzburg – Austria and traversing disciplines of scenography, costume design, photography, performance, installation, and m-composition. I’m following the thread of inexplicable chaos that runs through our complicated lifeline, repression, manipulation, and finally, the creatures from this process. my solo and collaborative works have taken on wide-ranging subjects such as unlimited creativity, social disorders, human limitation, and gender roles.

About Sam Beklik

Based in SALZBURG/AUSTRIA Working worldwide


Designing the visual aspect, the stage appearance, and the artificial environment of a theatrical production.


Designing the clothing elements and appearance of characters or performers for a film or stage production.


Designing the contentual visual aspects and interpretative environment of art exhibitions hosted by museums, art galleries.


Capturing the sharp vision to express an intangible narrative, emotion, fantasy, and transparent statement.

2016-!. stage design- costume design, film, and exhibition architecture. [mozarteum university salzburg]
2020. game art & 3D animation workshop [sae – wien]
2019. ufology diploma [coe] 
2019. “astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life” course [the university of edinburgh]
2016. photography – maha maamoun (the salzburg international summer academy of fine arts)
2013 – 2016. english and american studies (universität salzburg)
2013 – 2016. deutsch als fremdsprache (universität salzburg)
2011 – 2013. photography diploma (mft)
2006. ea college (computer software engineering course)
2005. ea college (graphic design level a-b)
2005. ea college (art elements of graphic design)
2005. ea college (photoshop introduction course)
2004. ea college (photoshop elements course)
2000-2001. mp college (water-color painting course)
2000-2001. mp college (oil-acrylic painting course in multiple styles)