august 2017 / —

nymphae. fossil.



photography: sam beklik
model: janina ahh
artist assistant: estefano ferrari

nymphae in greek means the bride. in slavic tradition, unhappy bride could transform into a forest spirit or mermaid. the one incarnated by janina ahh could even be voluntarily left in the forest surrounding forgotten amusement park. the songs that this nymph sings are sentimental and desperate soviet disco and romances. she is not st francisk to speak with animals, but she still addresses her songs to strang unseen creatures. and it is sylvia platt’s words are hanging in the air today: mother medea in a green smock, moves humbly as any housewife through, her ruined apartments, taking stock of charred shoes, the sodden upholstery: cheated of the pyre and the rack, the crowd sucks her last tear and turns away. the nymph wants to explore what is to hunt. she will have her capture today. obtaining fossils – memories, men’s hearts, her own shape. pearls are the tears. collect them to throw again into someone’s face.