2015 / —

the queer ostara.

costume design / post-production


costume design / model / post-production: sam beklik
photography: mario pomwenger
hair: thomas schachl (hairnews)
make-up: elena schachl (hairnews)
second photographer: michaela .a
artist assistant: edna ramadan

the project “the queer Ostara” , which has based on the symbolism, two basic considerations. one aspect of the Christian Easter and the easter bunny. probably the most easily recognizable symbol of this costume is the cross, which is showing by the artist with the body. the wounds of Jesus on the hands and feet are particularly emphasized, they wear the white color as a symbol of freedom and hope. the trapezoidal shape of the whole costume is to show the trinity, the divinity of the father, Jesus Christ, and the holy spirit in a different type of design. the costume is covered in green grass showing the spring, start the new annual flowering and fertility. the front of the costume has thirteen rows of easter eggs. this number consists of the number of people at the last supper. at the first top row of the costume placed with eight eggs which reflects a new beginning or rebirth and at last down row of the costume placed with four eggs which reflect of “creation” and four basic elements, earth, water, air, and fire. at the two shoulders, seven eggs are attached which represent completeness and perfection in a physical and mental way.