– By Ebru Nihan Celkan
When the trees in Gezi Park were set to be cleared in 2013, the resistance against the destruction of one of the last green areas in the heart of Istanbul turned into a political protest, and the park became a symbol of the struggle for a free and peaceful society. Amidst the turmoil, the two women, Janina and Umut, find each other. As fiercely, powerfully, and determinedly as their political will, the flame of their love burns. It endures everything, including the distance between Berlin and Istanbul. However, just as the repressions of state violence crush the political fervor, the personal passion suffocates. The noose of the restrictive system tightens around the free minds of its critics. To go or to stay? To revolt or to seek private happiness? To move towards freedom or to fight for it where one lives? The pressure of these questions crushes hearts, and love fades away.

Direction: Ebru Tartıcı Borchers / Stage & Costume Design: Sam Beklik / Videos Christian Borchers / Dramaturgy: Simone Sterr / Assistant Director: Theresa Gehring / Production Assistant: Andrea Nagy / Production Assistant: Johanna Hofmann

With: Nina Plagens / Zelal Kapçık / Levent Kelleli