13 february 2018


scenography / costume design / photography

salzburg republic theatre

concept : zhiyelun qi
choreography: all dacners & zhiyelun qi
costume and stage design: sam beklik
assistant (costume and stage design): estefano ferrari
photography: sam beklik
lighting design: lloyd lloydzik lovell
rehearsal assistance: isaac spencer and ran brown
dancers: ana bleda torres – asbót máté – lloyd lloydzik lovell – michaela kadl?íková – noémie anneg – shiri perelmuter – tristan bénon – ychi rueda vizcaíno

echois a reflection of the instability of intimate relationship. on stage eight dancers, who move separately, yet connected. some of the happening are originally from daily-life. they dance, hug, kiss and waiting. all these actions and moves they made echoed else where on stage.

there are table and chairs, where most of our intimate memories might relate with these two subjects, since some of the inspiration comes from our memory and dream. you see multiple timeline on stage, revealing the concept of parallel universe. loving and hurting are co-existing both inside and outside our relationship.