– By Maya Arad Yasur /
One day a very high gas bill is at the door of a young Israeli violinist in Amsterdam. The demand from the gas works dates back to 1944 and has apparently never been settled. In the course of her research into the origin of the mysterious bill, she unexpectedly ends up in the times of the Holocaust, the traces of which have dug deep into the floors of her apartment building. A dark chapter of the story slowly opens up in front of her and suddenly focuses on her own background and biography. Her hitherto relatively carefree reality and the tolerant, cosmopolitan Amsterdam of the 21st century are beginning to change before her eyes. The Israeli author Maya Arad Yasur tells this exciting story poetically and with subtle humor. Various voices reconstruct what could have happened, complementing and contradicting each other and at the same time reflecting how the protagonist’s self-image and worldview are beginning to falter.

Direction: Ebru Tartıcı Borchers / Stage & Costume Design: Sam Beklik / Choreography: Azahara Sanz Jara / Music: Dani Catalan / Light: Sofie Thyssen / Dramaturgy: Verena Katz / Assistant Director: Hannah Koppermann / Assistant Director: Jule Fendel / Production Assistant: Deborah Müller / Dramaturgy Assistant: Jupiter Dunkelgut / Stage Manager: Linda Thölking

With, Dani Catalan / Meret Engelhardt / Thomas Kramer / Caroline Nagel / Tobias Schormann / Manuel Thielen / Helen Wendt