– Physical appearance plays an important role in everyone’s life. While movies, media, commercials, and celebrities broadcast ideal shapes and standards of beauty, many people have a problem embracing themselves. If we don’t accept our body, enjoy it, we can’t enjoy life to the fullest. We begin to dissociate and develop different complexes. Several areas of our lives suffer from the fact that we just don’t accept ourselves for who we are. Various causes can lead to the fact that we no longer accept ourselves in our own body: Psychological and physiological problems, negative childhood experiences, social pressure or projections into other areas of life, etc. This can result in body dysmorphic behavior disorders or illnesses. The concept is about the idea of ​​experiencing your own body, exploring yourself and becoming aware of yourself. Various forms of beauty are made visible. Darkroom explores our own origins and identities, far removed from established patterns and limitations. Darkroom offers the opportunity to explore one’s body from a new perspective, to question personal flaws and hidden fears, and to place them in a new context through the camera’s view; analogous to the darkroom, in which the motif slowly develops from darkness into light.