– By Caren Jess / 
Silence of the lambs meets closed society. Society commits crimes collectively, but only those at the bottom of the pecking order go to jail. Five men from different worlds and with different stories in their luggage meet involuntarily behind bars. Communication in here is just as difficult as out there. Blame and pangs of conscience accompany the five on their daily rounds of the prison yard. Solidarity flares up briefly, only to be extinguished by fear and mutual hatred. As the “Hafnbrothers” come to a head, each tries to unravel the other’s story, but in the process it slowly seems revealed that they are destined to be their own torturers…

Direction: Ebru Tartιcι Borchers / Set & Costume: Sam Beklik / Choreography: Azahara Sanz Jara / Music: Notwork Recording Session conducted by Imre Lichtenberger Bozoki, featuring Martin Hemmer, Benno Hiti and Moritz Wallmüller / Video: Christian Borchers / Assistant director: Leonie Frühe