– By Gwendoline Soublin Translated from French by Corinna Popp /
The 10th birthday: For Nono a day of promise and the beginning of a golden future. That’s why, since he was little, he’s been planning a huge party, the party of all parties, the absolutely greatest fiesta. His very best friends will be there and maybe he will even kiss a girl on the mouth… But then, in the middle of the preparations, a storm comes and threatens to devastate the entire country. Everyone has to stay at home and nobody knows how long the hurricane will last. What will happen to Nono’s birthday and the party he and his friends have been waiting for all their lives, the fiesta of their dreams? The children have to use all their courage and ingenuity to get together.

Direction: Ebru Tartıcı Borchers / Stage & Costume Design: Sam Beklik / Choreography: Azahara Sanz Jara / Dramaturgy: Sabine Salzmann / Assistant Director: Annabell Cassel / Production Assistant: Julia Lochmann / Artistic Communication: Soraya Reichl, Shalün Schmidt

With: Tenzin Chöney Kolsch / Claudia Korneev / Yazan Melhem / Ilona Raytman / Kofi Wahlen